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Unique Flying Experience for Ҵý Students

youngeagles picҴý students are taking to the skies to enhance their understanding of aviation.

Three Northwestern High students got a chance to fly an airplane. The Air Force Junior ROTC cadets flew out with the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Young Eagles organization.

“It was a great experience. I thought I was just riding in a plane, not flying one! Although, I’m glad I did because I can fly now…kind of,” David S. said.

Taking flight since 1992, the Young Eagles program allows anyone ages eight to 17 to get a free ride in an airplane. The chapter in Rock Hill, at the municipal airport, is made up of retired pilots and pilots with their own planes. The program is the only one of its kind according to the EAA. Its mission is to “inspire kids in the world of aviation.” The adventure certainly left our students feeling inspired.

“I had an amazing time flying the plane,” Brianna S. said. “I found it as a really cool surprise to be able to actually learn hands-on to fly a plane rather than seeing the instructor fly it.”

This was the first-ever flight for some of our students. During the hour in the clouds, students got to soar over Lancaster, Clover, and Rock Hill. The instructor even let them fly over their own homes as a bonus to the trip.

“It was cool to see all the town from above and fly over my house,” Michael P. said. “I thought flying the plane was a fun experience although I was nervous.”

While only three students got this opportunity this semester, Lieutenant Colonel Adam Christopher hopes they won’t be the last. He aims to take more students up to new heights with the Young Eagles.

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