Email Password Reset

  • Minimum Password Length is 12 characters

    • Must use atleast 3 of these type characters:
      • Uppercase letters
      • Lowercase letters
      • Number
      • Special Character

    Ҵý is making it easier for you to reset your password if you ever forget it or if you just want to change it.  We have setup a secure system that will require you to answer some security questions before you will be able to use the system.

    First Step - ENROLL


     Complete the sign-up process using your existing email address and password. 

    Select ENROLL

    Next Step -  When needed

    Use this link:  

    • To Change Your Password
    • If you Forgot Password

    Contact Ginny Hedgpath  Email  if you have any questions.

Golden Security Rules

  • Be Cautious or Suspicious!

    We will NEVER send an email to ask you to validate or confirm your password.

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  • Look where you are going!

    Before clicking on a hyperlink, hover over the link with your mouse and look to see if it matches the website you intend to view.

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  • Look where you are!

    If you click a link, check the address bar and make sure it took you to the proper domain and you were not redirected.

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Staff Email Options

  • Ҵý Employees have several options for accessing their district email account.

    • Access email with Office 365 using any internet browser.  This access includes Microsoft's latest applications including Mail, Calendar, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and more.
      (View more detailed instructions)
      • Click the button/Office365 logo below to login: office 365 login
        (Link is also located on Rock Hill School District web site under "Staff Email.")

    • Access Email with Outlook Client 
      (View more detailed instructions)

    • Access email on your iPad or Apple iPhone
      1. Go to Settings
      2. Select MAIL
      3. Click ADD ACCOUNT
      4. Choose EXCHANGE and follow the prompts.

    • Access email on a Android phone
      1. Download the OUTLOOK app and follow the prompts


    If you have a problem with your RHMail account, please contact Ginny Hedgpath in the district Technology Department at