• NOTICE: The original bond referendum voting date of March 31, 2020, has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Project Area Overview

  • The Modern Learner’s Environment will feature larger, site-specific projects resulting from our strategies for Flexible, Collaborative Learning Spaces and Interconnecting Spaces Through Innovative Infrastructure.

    Projects in this area include:
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    • Replacement of antiquated buildings – approaching three times their intended life span, or 75 years, where the cost of continued repair is more than the cost of replacement.
    • Renovation and Modernization of older buildings – constructed in the 1970’s and 1980’s, in order to extend their useful life and support the modern learning environment.
    • Enhancement to facilities selected for the School Choice Program – as determined by stakeholder groups in the district.
    • Campus Infrastructure and Grounds Improvements – such as driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, outdoor learning zones, lighting, signage and other grounds improvements.
    • Replacement of Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment – in our schools to directly support the personalized learning environment for tomorrow’s modern learner.

    Though not specifically identified by project, funds within this project area include those which might be applied, with Board approval, in support of adjustment of school zones and changes in the number of school campuses in the district inventory. The Board has indicated its’ preference for various options for making any changes needed, which could include:

    • Minimizing the number of campus changes, with a focus on those with significant assessment factors mentioned above,
    • As necessary, moving realigned planning segments to adjacent underutilized schools, in order to achieve best demographic balance.
    • Reuse of available buildings when possible and where benefits of doing so outweigh costs.

    As a general principle, when such changes are needed, it is recommended that the process be deliberative, fully public and transparent to all stakeholders.

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