Volunteer in Ҵý

  • If you'd like to volunteer with Ҵý, fill out a form to express your interest by
    Thank you for your willingness to lend a helping hand!

    Once you've submitted your volunteer interest form, the steps to becoming an approved volunteer within Ҵý:

    • The Volunteer Interest Form goes under review.
    • The applicant will receive an email with the BIB (Background Investigation Bureau) link. The email address to look for is noreply@formresponse.com. All future communications will come from this email.
    • A background check will be completed by BIB. This process alone may take up to 2-4 weeks.
    • Pending the applicant's background results, a final email will be sent with instructions on completing the required volunteer training. The training consists of two videos (20 minutes combined), which include Mandatory Reporting & Emergency Procedures.


    Thank you for prioritizing safety. We are committed to protecting students within our schools and fostering a safe environment including those who they may come in contact with. If you have been approved to volunteer, please continue the process here.


    Please make sure you begin this process early in the school year. We are not able to expedite any applications.  


    Volunteers must re-apply every 2 years. You will receive an email reminder to re-apply 6-8 weeks before your Volunteer status is set to expire. If you have any questions about your volunteer status, please contact your child's school.

    **Please Note: If there is no response or continuation of the application process within 90 days, your interest form will be deleted and you will have to start the process again.**